Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mount Munson, Penticton

Almost Back to Normal

At least I can run around with the kids now, as seen in this photo taken on our family trip and LifeSport triathlon camp in Penticton. That's Ross, flying down the gravel beside me. At this point, I can see that I will be back training by the end of August, just in time year!

10 Minutes of Running for Joy x 4

I remember doing a half Ironman about 2 years after Maia was born, and all I can remember from that run was that I was running without pain. I was so noticably pain free that it was all I could think about. I had spent a year recovering from back and pelvis pain, so just to be running was something to be happy about.

Right now I am up to 10 min run intervals with 2 min of walking, and while things are not perfect with my knee, running for 10 minutes feels pretty good, and the funny thing is...that the two minutes of walking are not bad either. I can look around, breathe, relax and appreciate the surroundings.



Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy,

It was nice to chit chat with you and Lance at the Hornby and Denman Island ferry line up. To me Hornby is one of the best places on earth. Hope your running is progressing nicely.


Mike (Nanaimo Running Room guy)

BreeWee said...

I love how you appreciate the most simple things in life... it is so refreshing. Hope by the end of August you are feeling like your old self!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for coming up and saying hi. Hornby is stunning, and I completely agree with you!


Juicey said...

Hey Lucy! Thanks for the hand me down socks via Jo - that was really generous of you! I hope to meet you in the near future!

Jen - jo's neighbor. :)