Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday morning.

A silver green sea rolls in under the light gray sky and yellow leaves are scattered over the lawn, remnants of the first of the mild Victoria storms we get each autumn. Dark streaks of massed kelp and seaweed heave in the rolling waves and in the distance, San Juan Island is misted over.

I'm getting ready for my long run of the week, a run of over two and half hours of marathon training. It's been ten years since I trained for my last full marathon, though I have done three marathons in Ironman in this time. This distance training is tiring, more physically taxing on my body than Ironman, which is why, probably, I chose to divert my attention from marathoning back in 1996.

At 40, I feel so strongly that I must train and race this distance again. Running is my roots, it's in my blood, as they say. (Not far from the truth, as endurance running has a lot to do with blood and oxygen.)

It's tiring work, but challenging and exciting and as I run through the autumn trails, the leaves plastered to the wet earth, my mind will be calm and my thoughts will be joyful.

How many millions of steps have I run in my life?


Friday, September 28, 2007

Ironman Canada has faded into the past already. It was a wonderful weekend, an adventure of a race and a true challenge.
I knew on Richter Pass, when Lance passed me, that it wasn't my day. I usually motor up Richter Pass, but that day I was awkward and dragging. The funny thing was, it didn't get me down at all. For the first time in Ironman, I wasn't scared of the distance. I knew I could still race 180k on a tough day. It was still a great day; it's not everyday you get to race 180k on your bike. Training for and executing Ironman is the feat, as far as I am concerned and I am proud of my 2 top ten finishes there.
So, Ironman was over and I threw myself into the last remaining days of summer before Maia started grade 2. Day trips to the beach, the annual fair, camping...we had a ball.
And then during my three week recovery, I dreamed up the remainder of my season. All along I had the intention of making my 40 year a good one.

I have three more races this year, three more races in 6 weeks. A pretty aggressive schedule by any account, but I race with my heart! First I get to race a half marathon in Victoria, my home town. Nothing beats this. Next I go somewhere I never have gone before--Richmond, Virginia--for the World Long Distance Duathlon Championship. It all culminates with the race of all races, an event I dreamed of doing as youngster, the New York City Marathon! November 4th, New York City. I am in the elite women's field, we start 30 minutes ahead of the thousands. I am excited!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saanich Fair, Victoria